Oh What Fun It Is To DIY: Rudolf The Red-Nose Reindeer Nail Art

image Ho, ho, holiday nail art! Yes. All done with wrapping that mountainous pile of prezzies that you procrastinated on?! Great! Get into this Rudolf The Red-Nose Reindeer nail art DIY to win the contest for most creative Christmas cheer. image Things You Need:  1. Red nail polish 2. Gold nail polish 3. Black nail polish 4. Gold-glitter nail polish 5. Metallic-brown nail polish 6. White nail polish 7. T-pins or safety pins 8. Base coat & top coat image image Steps:  1. Paint nails with base coat and let dry. 2. Paint nails alternating black, gold and red to your liking. One of the black nails on each hand will be painted with Rudolf so keep that in mind. We chose to have him live on our ring fingers. Let dry. 3. With the metallic-brown nail polish, paint a small half oval on your black nail of choice and let dry. image 4. Take a T-pin or safety pin and dip it into the metallic-brown nail polish. This is what you will use to draw on the antlers. Draw on the antlers  from an upside-down angle. We chose standard three-pronged antlers but you can be as complicated or as simple as you like. Let dry. image 5. Take a T-pin or safety pin  and dip it into the white nail polish. Make two dots near the antler-side of your oval. These are the eyes. image 6. Take your T-pin or safety pin and dip it into the red paint. Make a larger dot at the middle of the end of your nail. This is Rudolf’s red nose! Let dry. 7. Paint a layer of top coat and let dry.

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