It’s the best DIY time of year! And it’s been plenty rainy. So, what better way to spend your day than making cool ornaments to decorate your space like the ultimate holiday party place! Of course, we’re going non-traditional and experimenting with bright neons for a more electrifying take on festive style. This DIY is so easy, low cost and glittery that you can really go to town and make a ton. image Things You Need:  1. Clear plastic ball ornaments with removable tops in various sizes. 2. Collage Pauge glue 3. Neon glitter and iridescent glitter 4. Water image Steps:  1. Remove the tops of clear plastic balls and pick the sizes and colors you want to use. 2. Squeeze a little bit of Collage Pauge inside your ornament and add a teaspoon of water. 3. Swirl the mixture around to coat the inside of the ornament and pour out any excess liquid. 4. Clean the outside of your ornament if need be. 5. Pour the first glitter color of your choice into the bottom of the ornament. 6. Swirl the glitter color around so it coats the bottom third of the ornament. 7. Pour a second glitter color and move it around the middle of the ornament. 8. Pour in a third glitter color and move it around the top third of the ornament. 9. Put the tops back on, let dry and you’re ready to hang them anywhere and everywhere!

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